Bird Control in Colchester - Essex

Bird Control

Our birds of prey are a humane and friendly deterrent to nuisance birds

Please note services currently only available withing a 50 mile radious of Preston, Lancashire

A bird infestation problem at your premises in Colchester poses a number of serious problems, both to the structure of the building and to your business, customers, people traffic and public access areas. A successful bird deterrent programme requires timing, organization, persistence and diversity. We have experience of establishing professional, effective and sustainable bird control solutions for a wide range of clients.

We will undertake a free survey to analyse your individual circumstances and to offer a feasible and cost-effective way of putting in place the right solution for your bird infestation problem in Colchester.

Our bird control services in Colchester include:

  • Proofing – netting, bird wire, spikes, bird gel and avishock
  • Bird Deterrents – falconry response, bio acoustic bird scaring and visual bird scarers
  • Lasers – mobile and fixed installations
  • Ultrasonic Deterrents
  • Egg and Nest Removal
  • Trapping
  • Shooting
  • Guano Removal and Cleaning
  • Aerial Roof Inspections

Bird Control NestPigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance for your business. It’s not just the mess they make; they can also damage your premises by dislodging roof tiles and blocking guttering.

Pigeon guano carries serious health risks through both dry dust and wet compacted waste which has accumulated over a period of time. Those commonly known to be associated with bird guano are generally inhaled, but there are also pathogenic organisms, parasites and worms present in guano and most can be transmitted to humans.

There are a number of other problems that mean you should adopt bird control measures sooner rather than later. Pigeons and seagulls on your premises can:

1. Be a health hazard, by spreading diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella.

2. Deface buildings and vehicles with their droppings. They frequently foul entrances and pavements, which can become dangerously slippery.

3. Encourage insect infestations such as bird mites, textile beetles and fleas – these are attracted to their nests and roosting sites.

4. Attack customers and employees, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young.

Because of the health and safety risks involved with the removal of bird nests, droppings and fouling only trained personnel using appropriate equipment and PPE should undertake these tasks.

Specialist guano cleaning in Colchester

We offer specialist bird services such as bird guano cleaning and removal from all residential and commercial properties. We will carry out professional guano cleaning for the residential sector to include loft spaces, old houses, barns and courtyards. If you have a guano problem you should consult a qualified expert due to the risk of disease and the need to remove any problem birds or install a bird proofing system to prevent re-infestation.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected. Failure to comply with the legislation can result in prosecution and if found guilty, an unlimited fine and/or a six month custodial sentence.

A detailed knowledge of all relevant legislation ensures licences are in place to undertake bird management activities within the scope of UK law.

Our technicians will explain all the available and appropriate options during your free consultation.