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As Mother’s Day approaches (Sunday 10 March), Alzheimer’s Society offer tips and gift ideas for people living with dementia

One in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime. There are currently estimated to be 900,000 people in the UK with dementia, with around 31,957 people living in Merseyside and Cheshire.

When a loved one has dementia, Mother’s Day can be a particularly difficult time for many reasons. Family members may be struggling to cope after their mother or grandmother has been diagnosed, with new or progressing symptoms, or when a relationship has changed significantly.

Steve Green, Regional Manager from Alzheimer’s Society in Greater Manchester said:

“Special celebrations, like Mother’s Day, can be hard when a loved one has dementia. You may feel alone or helpless, recalling memories of times-gone-by and feeling sad or overwhelmed.”

“On days such as Mother’s Day, it is important to remember to be kind to yourself, don’t put too much pressure on the day and don’t compare your day with how others may be spending theirs. Try to find something to do together which will feel enjoyable and special in its own way.”

“Selecting a gift your loved one will enjoy, while promoting independence and supporting safety, can be tricky. Alzheimer’s Society has created a special Mother’s Day gift guide, designed to help people living with dementia by encouraging connection and communication. These include simple music players, games and fun activities available to buy from our online shop Every purchase help funds Alzheimer’s Society’s vital work.”

Simple music player

Music has a profound benefit for people with dementia and can be something to enjoy together on Mother’s Day. This simple music player is perfect for choosing, uploading, and playing music personal to you or your loved one, evoking memories and stimulating conversation.

Animal Snap Game

On Mother’s Day, why not play a game, such as animal snap? Playing a game together can strengthen connection and nurture the mind. For people with dementia, this game promotes expression and engagement.

Aqua paints

For a loved one who enjoys being creative, why not try a painting session with aqua paints. Available in a variety of themes including the ocean, coastal escapes and garden wonders, aqua paints are designed to promote cognitive stimulation, reminiscence and conversation and alleviate stress.

Robotic Companion Pet

For the animal loving Mother, why not consider an adorable companion pet which looks, feels and sounds just like the real thing. The interactive pets bring comfort, joy and companionship with their loving presence.

Mind Games, by Dr Tim Beanland

With regular practice, puzzles may help to improve brain function and prevent age-related cognitive decline. Featuring 150 puzzles of varying difficulty, Mind Games aims to target different areas of the brain and improve cognition. With puzzles to challenge memory or skills with pictures, words, numbers or logic, Mind Games offers a workout for a wide range of brain functions.

Alzheimer’s Society help people make the most of life with dementia, supporting them through some of the hardest and most frightening times. If you need help and advice, call Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Line (0333 150 3456) or visit